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(TheJournal.ie) Fine Gael set to top student voting trends

Ireland’s islands, secret vacation havens around the coast

Resolution to confer Mr. Elie Wiesel with the honorary citizenship of the City of Jerusalem

Strange YouTube video claims Irish college hosts Satanic church

(Irish Examiner) Banks line up to offer students wide range of incentives to open accounts

(TheJournal.ie) File may be sent to the DPP over ‘blasphemous’ UCC exhibition

(Sociable.co) A quick tour of this year’s Eircom Spiders awards and nominees

(SiliconRepublic.com) Student hit with €1,650 mobile data bill

Man swims down main street in flooded Cork

Irish Constitutional Convention backs removal of blasphemy law

Irish charity outraged as pint drinking meme #Neknominate goes viral

Detective who played himself in “Love/Hate” forced to immigration job

Chinese ‘trafficking victim’ found dining on crab and red wine

Competitive eater Randy Santel eats his way around Ireland

Limerick men caught red-handed digging drug money from field

Dublin Web Summit puts Ireland at center of the tech map

(University World News) Universities financially unviable, say presidents

(Irish Examiner) Students protest over planned €65 graduation fee

(Irish Examiner) UCC president to meet students about fee plans

Ireland’s Senate referendum poster boy subject to racist abuse

Constitutional Convention backs emigrant vote for Irish Presidential elections

Irish university launches first ever alcohol free dorms

Troll riddled Ask.fm insists changes will make their site safer

Ireland’s heatwave may be over, but positivity may be here to stay

Irish gay marriage vote may take place next year

Secret recordings of Irish Anglo bank executives enrages country – John Bowe and Peter Fitzgerald laugh about €7 billion and never paying it back

Bully-boy pro lifers stake out prime minister’s home – shameful tactics do nothing but fuel anger in abortion debate

National hero Donal Walsh loses battle with cancer – teen’s optimism and courage inspired thousands

Irish professor with multiple sclerosis Marie Fleming loses landmark right-to-die case in Irish Supreme Court

Irish government cracks down on scam motorists – stamp out loopholes to scrub penalty points

Terminally ill Irish teen Donal Walsh makes emotional plea to end youth suicide

MySales.ie Acquired by Student Media Group

Enda Kenny urges Britain to stay in EU at packed London School of Economics address

British-Irish pub chain O’Neill’s in Irish dance world record jig attempt for St Patrick’s Day

Fianna Fáil edging closer to power as latest poll confirms rise

UK rushes to scoop up Irish teachers as jobs run thin at home

Irish American comic Des Bishop challenges attitudes on drink

U2 frontman Bono’s former Mercedes a flop as eBay auction goes bidless

Website lets you buy piece of Ireland for $50 – cashing in on Irish American nostalgia?

London’s young Irish immigrants hopeful for a brighter future at networking event

Starving students faced with college drop-out amid rising tuition costs in Ireland

College financial aid system buckles under pressure, leaving thousands in the lurch about grants

Ireland’s top business school ranks in global top 100 – high-flying grad-school counts CEOs, business leaders, among its alumni

Emigration plague grips Ireland – soaring unemployment and relentless pessimism forcing Irish to seek a future abroad

Drama in Donegal as country singer Daniel O’Donnell’s belongings fall into sea

Romanian meter-plunderers on the loose as Irish low-security prisons breeched again

Irish health Minister Roisín Shorthall’s anti-alcohol crusade: minimum pricing and ban on sports sponsorship could take effect this year

‘Project X’ viral Facebook party in County Cavan stopped after police intervention

Eli Lilly boss confident about big pharma’s future in Ireland

Strong turnout expected for major social media forum

Irish court finds homeless, drug-crazed, bi-polar man guilty of airport rampage

Dutch academic claims almost half of Irish families would be ‘better off’ on social welfare than at work

Chinese restaurant looking for “interns”. Lucky candidate will gain valuable experience in physical activities like “walking”

Irish TV boss in hot water over notorious RTÉ documentary “Mission to Prey”

Coder Dojo takes Ireland by storm – new tech initiative gets Ireland’s kids coding

Traveller horse race provokes outrage — dramatic police chase footage goes viral

Business Speeches: A Quick Primer On Acing One Of Corporate Life’s Biggest Drudges

Pioneering Irish website FixMyArea.com outdoes local authorities and shows power of social activism

Jerry Buttimer – just an Irish politician “who happens to be gay”

Irish fleeced on water meters – Government plan to charge $400 for water meters that are on Amazon for $40

Ineffective USI loses High Court action – dog that doesn’t bite is a waste of unions’ resources

Irish senator Rónán Mullen embroiled in abortion spate after — victims claim he was “smirking”, “nasty”, at meeting

Optimizing LinkedIn: Three Quick Ideas For Growing Your Business Network

One in five Irish children hear voices — startling findings show “auditory hallucinations” common among Irish children

LinkedIn Recommendations: The Pros And Cons Of Referring Business Contacts

Hacham Ovadia ZL on YouTube

Irish Education Ministry to clamp down on cyber-bullying — four students suspended over teacher Facebook remarks

Irish father makes impassioned plea for end to binge drinking culture — the times are changing

UCC library man lands top Accenture prize for reshelving device

Trotting the globe with Business Information Systems (BIS)

Kerry politician calls for less road signs using compelling logic — locals “know where they’re going anyway”

Muamba Tweet raises questions about boundaries of internet law

New voucher website makes it easier to find freebies.

Facebook job snooping come to Ireland — employers now want usernames and passwords

Multimillion Euro UCC building is “plagued” with fire detection issues, claim workers

Increase in numbers for higher maths

Teachers union slams calls to abolish Transition Year

Cork wheeler-dealer lands place on top EU expert panel

Galway vows to eradicate ‘drink fuelled mess’ this Patrick’s Day

First Dublin ‘hacking’ student released without charge

Irish students charged in global hacking conspiracy

Business Secretary ‘alarmed’ at declining business lending figures

Eastleigh may strengthen UKIP ahead of 2015 votes

Horsegate far from the last post, as beef magnate’s committee appearance prompts more questions about regulation.

Osborne under fire in emergency Commons debate

Unpaid internships: a modern scourge?

‘Disengaged electorate to decide election’: academic and journalist offer grim assessment of US presidential race.

Former Blair aide charts rise and fall of spin doctoring at City University

PCC website launched ahead of vote

Miliband dubs Labour the ‘one nation’ party in keynote conference address

Ex Norwegian PM Blasts Leveson Scheme

‘Two strikes and you’re out’: Justice Secretary promises tough new measures at Tory Conference address

Irish university hosts first ever entrepreneurship conference

Irish student considers taking YouTube to court over cab-fare fracas

Panel discussion: religious (RTÉ Radio 1)

Second bailout for Ireland or not? Irish government split on what comes next

Disadvantaged student views are ‘widespread’, believes support group

Irish colleges blows through €750k on cabs — university expenses under review again

Occupy Cork moves camp, as local councillor calls them attention seekers

Enda axes former Taoisigh expenses – but too late to reclaim Bertie’s €367,000 windfall

Surge in welfare cheats as Irish struggle to cope with ongoing recession

‘Dead cat’ plague strikes Ireland — motorists’ antifreeze pinned down as the unlikely culprit

UCC president blasts university micromanagement at Chamber breakfast address

Radical politician invited to Irish university — BNP leader Griffin calls Holocaust “profitable lie” and finds gays “revolting”

Irish police pose as prostitutes — unprecedented Garda sting nets 27 convictions as police promise further crackdowns

Trinity College Dublin bans the Daily Mail newspaper after faking student death story

College fees go up by €250 – students have little room to complain

Irish students occupy politician’s office as Budget Day nears

Dublin Fire Brigade to charge for attending road traffic accidents, as local authorities struggle to make ends meet

Publicans call for ten percent cut on liquor tax as pub trade continues to flounder

Make or break for USI in anti-fees push

Web Filters

Cork councillor to propose rebel passport

Irish students brace for fees bonanza – Student Union prepares protest march

TellUsWhy.ie – Irish website tries to move presidential race beyond a soap opera

Sugar-daddying booms in Ireland as desperate students struggle to pay tuition

American Bigots

Michael D Higgins admits to smoking marijuana – an interesting blip to an otherwise dull campaign

Students give up on Irish presidential race after drawn out bickering

Uranium reactor at Irish university — college ‘hopeful’ it can be removed

Ireland considers sugar tax in move to quell obesity

Junior Cert to ‘disappear’ under radical exam shakeup

Second UCC honour is testament to college’s success

Arthur’s Day provokes controversy on Irish chat radio

Time for profs, not students, to face the budgetary music

The Irish Presidential Race – David Norris won’t leave the stage as Martin McGuinness brings drama

110 a day — latest CSO stats show extent of Ireland’s shocking emigration problem

Ireland’s still expensive, despite recession, latest statistics show.

Free booze off the menu at Fianna Fail strategy meeting

Attorneys upping fees despite recession

Vatican: Taoiseach, Tanaiste criticisms ‘unfounded’

Milk scam-artist caught on CCTV after ‘slipping’ on his own setup

DrThom.ie: first online GP sets up ‘shop’ in Ireland

Cork considers banning hoodies!

Irish-American skills network – new age in finding jobs online

Irish summer students facing crackdown over passport forgery

Gaybo’s gone, who next?

Five student staples you can’t live without

Gaybo: ‘mad people’ run Brussels. Could throwaway comment dent hopes for office?

Gay Bryne latest contender to consider throwing hat into Presidential ring

Irish Zionist blogger falls Norris campaign — amazing story

Minimum beer prices could be on the way for Ireland

Vatican recalls Papal Nuncio to Ireland — PR disaster 101

Weather forecaster in surprise apology after raining on nation’s hopes of sunshine

Kenny’s Church attack marks end of the road for famous ‘special position’ relationship

Ireland’s ‘Iron Lady’ blasts handout moochers

‘Miss Piggy’ TDs are an embarrassment to the Irish parliament

Take The Hassle Out Of Tweeting With Twitterfeed

Google forced to hire Ukrainian and Russian grads — for jobs in Dublin

SU Pres leaves job with emotional farewell message

Postfone, Tesco Mobile biggest turn-offs for Irish women

Irish college student blows €400 on phone porno binge

Day three results from Orlando

Results so far from Orlando

Irish university could face prosecution following blasphemous exhibition

Add This: 10 Services You Should Know About

‘Blasphemous’ exhibit sparks international outrage, before it’s even begun

Emigration, not fees, the real problem facing Irish graduates today

Global web seminar to discuss Ireland’s emigration problem

Why Irish-America is good for Irish presidency

Even for politically adverse youth, Lenihan was a hero

Exams body to monitor students’ Twitters during State exams

Higher maths numbers hit record low

Quinn should examine own record before enjoining colleagues to hurry up

Fewer students taking Gaeltacht courses is bad for future of Irish

Americans bemused by Irish governance in Indo’s Wikileaks exposé

Outgoing Education Officer blasts infighting and bureaucracy in farewell address

Irish students furious after politician backtracks on key election promise

Edinburgh University mulls laptop exams

UCD innovation hub sees strong 2010 results

UCC signs up for Spingboard employment initiative

Man hijacks Garda jeep, rams plane

Students enraged by ‘needless’ volcanic eruption in Iceland, blast government

Crazed airport rampage ends when stolen jeep ‘breaks down’

WIT report due ‘in near future’

Queen ends visit with tour of Tyndall

Queen’s visit a milestone for Ireland

Is Ireland heading for a higher education bubble?

Queen’s visit begins amid ultra-tight security

Garda Information regarding VIP visits and events

CIT Elite gym to house Munster Rugby

Irish third level chief blows €100,000 on taxis while students drop out of college

Out of touch WIT president needs a wake up call

Fewer students taking Gaeltacht courses is bad for future of Irish

Time (once more) to address foreign language weakness

Third level hit by Budget, but it’s no Pearl Harbor

First Motley since September out today

Student prostitution a new problem for Irish students

Newsnight Cowen piece out of touch with reality

Opinion: student emails system is a mess

Report finds that Irish Dept. of finance has ‘shockingly low’ amount of economists

Legal dirty laundry – Ireland sued by the European Commission

UCC hosts disability awareness week

Fruitbat lecturer says Facebook notes seen by UCC

Student nurses could strike in protest at wage cuts

Weird bird-man lingering outside arts circus

Dublin student paper to attempt student voting survey

Alistair Campbell to speak at E&S & Philosoph next Wed.

Student nursing crisis the latest blow to students from lame-duck government

Six candidates to run for TCD provost job

JournoSoc to host Media Ball and UCC Student Media Awards

FB: “Cork Student Booze” to scour Cork for cheap drink

Students to protest nursing cuts tomorrow at CUH

Philosoph advises coming early to avoid disappointment at Campbell talk

Angry young man may be satisfied with life in UCC after various rants

Snuff taking on the rise as students prepare for exams

TCD provost says free education must end

TCD Provost: third level funding crisis on the way

Shifting page deleted, impersonators arise

Taxis bite back: WIT board unanimously denies re-election bit

Queen ends visit with tour of Tyndall

Malaria drug banned in US still given to Irish army

Global warming swarms Ireland in jellyfish

Quarter of a billion Irish punts missing

Irish Congo vets recall jungle service 50 years ago

Curragh redevelopment hindered by budget cutbacks

Defeated French coach rejects handshake with South African coach

Families do not blame driver for Donegal crash

Irish flood damage could have been avoided says report

Over 13,000 Irish passports have been lost in 2010

Dramatic twist in famous Irish murder case as France seeks Bailey extradition

Top Irish tycoons face bankruptcy as creditors seek money

Irish aviation company settles with CAB over Iran row

Orange Order part of our shared history, says Martin McGuinness

Celtic Football Club game at Fenway Park not selling

George Best family in row over coffin flag

Snooker legend Alex Higgins dies aged 61

Ryan Turbidy to take over Gerry Ryan show

Partially blind Irish sprinter makes European history

Number of robberies and kidnappings in Ireland hits new high

Spanish Ambassador complains to RTÉ over Spanish remarks

Dublin still one of the world’s most costly cities

Dublin may get subway system in two years

UK puts forward ‘Hill of Derry’ for UNESCO heritage status

Anger as Killarney slammed for ripping off Americans

Starspangledbanner is the fastest horse Irish trainer Aidan O’Brien

Donegal seaweed a worldwide success

Newest Vatican document is last straw for women

Sick Defense Strategy in Phoebe Prince case, says expert

Irish police to set world record with longest line-up

Irishman dies in Congo plane crash

IRA informer reunited with his U.S. family

Irish food prices 28% above EU average as one in three fears going hungry

Sex advert woman gets suspended jail term

Natasha McShane’s miraculous recovery at home in Ireland

Irish sheriffs seizing assets in record numbers

Pierce Brosnan doesn’t miss James Bond

Irish American hero saves the day for America’s World Cup dream

Katie Dunleavy wins New York Rose at Kerrymen Pub

New murder victims found at Duffy’s Cut

Druids celebrating Solstice feel negative energy on the Hill of Tara

Tipperary beauty tipped to win Miss Universe contest

Roy Keane says England players get away with murder

Failure to get broadband access hurting Ireland’s recovery

England ref axed over Germany call

Tragedy of forced emigration hits close to home

Survey finds negative Irish attitudes towards travellers

Irish fitness guru runs 32 marathons in 32 days

Irish dancing a rich man (or woman’s) game

American football is thriving in Ireland

Brian O’Driscoll and wife Amy to make first public appearance

Wayne Rooney has found religion

Ireland’s economy in seizure, says New York Times

WIT report due in near future

Kerryman cheesed off at lack of GAA coverage stateside

Students enraged by ‘needless’ volcanic eruption in Iceland, blast government

Man hijacks Garda jeep, rams plane

UCC signs up for Spingboard employment initiative

UCD innovation hub sees strong 2010 results

Edinburgh University mulls laptop exams

Family of Irish NY drowning victim devestated

Irish conman faces trial for trying to sell to the Ritz

John Furlong explains enigmatic leadership style to newspaper board

Ryanair boss O’Leary buys himself a taxi firm

Emigration 2.0: 5,000 a month leaving Ireland

Irish students head to East Coast for jobs

Archbishop Martin and the enemies within

Tough summer ahead for Irish J1 Students in the US

Donegal mourns eight crash victims

Cork to host inaugural Paddy Olympics

One third of Irish road deaths linked to alcohol

Google reveals Ireland’s top searches

Baseball catching on in Ireland

Moody’s downgrades Ireland’s credit rating

20,000 expected for U.S. dancing finals

Competitors talk about day one

Day two results from Orlando

Irish students interested in this election, but not in fairytale promises

A different side to Brian Cowen

Cork Airport must evaluate main runway safety after crash

GAA beginning to feel the pinch of uncontrolled emigration

UCC President: “Fees will have to rise”

Student nursing crisis the latest blow to students from lame-duck government

Another perspective on student emigration

Does Howard Marks make a strong case for cannabis?

New media and blogs catching on in Ireland

Future of compulsory Irish hangs in doubt

President grilled on fees, finances, at heated class council meeting

Mr Nice to Appear in UCC

CIT – WIT merger makes little emotive sense

Capriccio to showcase local talent at Réalt Dearg gig

Howard Marks confirmed for UCC; widespread delight

UCC Fianna Fáil to push for longer nightclub hours

Time to address Leaving Cert for Ireland’s jobs future

Five things Ireland could learn from America

Businesses criticize UCC for strict campus promoting rules; students disagree.

Five smart tips for better Google searches

Bailey extradition trial a serious affront to Ireland’s legal sovereignty.

Wikileaks cable highlights Irish third level’s dicey future.

Students’ political apathy isn’t misplaced

5 Blackberry apps for student journalism

Art Society goes from strength to strength

Student march, website updates.

Third level cuts will hamper smart economy

Ireland’s smart economy will be scuppered by fees and grants cuts

Irish Beer Pong Championship this Saturday

Irish government on the rocks after losing support of the nation

FF has completely lost its mandate to govern — at least from Ireland’s youth

UCC should reconsider USI membership

UCC staff well remunerated, but they’ve earned their pay

E&S Business Development Scheme Fills an Important Gap in UCC

David Norris recording his own eulogy to be played at funeral

Prendeville interview is celebrity justice

Irish DJ apologizes on-air for sexual misconduct flight

Social and online march coverage reflects the new face of modern journalism

Re-introduction of university fees in Ireland seems imminent

Fee announcement timing a PR disaster for college.

Registration fee hike inevitable — whether we like it or not

This week’s society events roundup

Irish denied social welfare because of red-tape bureaucracy

Has exporting employment been Ireland’s downfall?

Irish students turn to prostitution to pay for class

Student prostitution a new problem for Irish students

Fastnet Lines board to determine future of Departures gig following safety concerns.

Students hope to stop emigration with ‘internships’, but enterprise and jobs are what’s needed.

‘IG Nobel’ prize won’t do Dylan Evans any favours

‘Vanity’ Nightclub might be a hoax, but the need for a new club is real.

Sandwiches and potted plants: what the Irish are paying tax for.

Patience running thin for Church in Ireland

George Hook to speak at E&S Soc Wednesday

‘Ireland RIP’ image marks a new lowpoint for the Irish gutter-press

UCC Hot Bevs host first tea night

Daily Star editor hits out at judiciary at UCC Law Soc event

‘Collector’ impresses on second night at Cork Arts Theatre

Get your life in order with Google Calendar

Fine Gael makes promises on Irish emigration disaster

West Wing to ‘probe’ UCC Fine Gael over promo video

It’s official: Home and Away top choice for students skipping lectures.

Could Ireland legalize medical marijuana?

Facebook needs to up its game or become irrelevant

Irish knowledge economy doomed as education fails its youth

Interview with Cork Pub Crawls founder Eoin Lucey

Cowen drinking episode is much a-do about nothing.

University leaders’ blog would be a great idea

Chicane good, if occasionally stilted.

McAleese St Petersburg speech shows President can speak her mind!

Breifne O’Brien: the Irish Bernie Madoff

Students graduate, as emigration holds sway.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

The Mongol Rally

Yerba Maté, the national drink of Argentina, now in the English market.

Minister for Justice suggests ATM charge to deter kidnappings.

Mature students a worthwhile focus for crumbling third level system

Irish theatre giant Lally will be sorely missed

SU to Bat O’Keefe: “get real” about graduate unemployment

Student Unions ratch up pressure on “half baked” Minister

Greens hold third level fees veto despite report’s concerns

Notes wheeler-dealer has the right attitude

UCC & Google team up to bring ‘cloud computing’ to campus

No easy answers for government on third level fees issue.

Larry Murphy release shows Irish justice system up for the joke that it is.

Flood report a step forward

Nude Bike Race a Great Idea

Rose of Tralee Contestants (NY) Interviews

Journalist in hot water over Kerry swipe

Ripoff American Universities Deserve No Sympathy

Dublin subway doesn’t surprise

20,000 expected for U.S. dancing finals

American positivity and the recession

Irish dancing a rich man (or woman’s) game

Time to forsake crummy Ryanair

Washington Square Park & Irish Mythology

Heritage certs a welcome gesture to the diaspora

Irish politics a lost cause.

Seeing Ireland Through American Eyes

Trip to Montauk

British Take Blame for Bloody Sunday

Time is ripe for visiting Ireland

Where to learn Irish in New York City

Ireland’s Islands: secret vacation heaven

1930s Irish American hurling movie discovered

Rugged and Rough Ireland’s West Coast beckons

How a huge Irish community came to be in Jamaica

Seven Irish buildings nominated for architecture awards

UK puts forward ‘Hill of Derry’ for UNESCO heritage status

A tough summer ahead for Irish J1 students in the US

Competitors talk about day one

Ireland’s islands – a secret vacation heaven